MBA Courses
Kellogg School of Management,Northwestern University


  Instructor: Brian Uzzi
  Core MBA and Executive MBA 2015, 2016, 2017

Course Description:

This course provides students with the social science tools needed to solve organizational problems and influence the actions of individuals, groups and organizations. It prepares managers to understand how to best organize and motivate the human capital of the firm, manage social networks and alliances, and execute strategic change. This is accomplished through knowledge of competitive decision making, reward system design, team building, strategic negotiation, political dynamics, corporate culture and strategic organizational design.

Social Dynamics & Network Analytics 

  Instructor: PJ Lamberson
  Core MBA 2014, 2015

Course Description:

Social Dynamics and Network Analytics (Social-DNA) covers cutting edge research on social media, network analytics, big data, and crowdsourcing, and provides you with the tools to practically apply this research in your own career. By the end of the course students know how to: measure volume and location of Internet search data to understand and forecast trends; measure volume and sentiment of Twitter conversations; collect network data and create meaningful network visualizations; use the wisdom of crowds, including setting up a prediction market, to create better forecasts; and use Amazon Mechanical Turk for crowdsourcing.

Digital Media Management

  Instructor: Paul Hirsch
  Core MBA 2015, 2016

Course Description:

The media industry is transforming. With news and entertainment delivered via web, tablet and phone, opportunities for entrepreneurs increase and traditional media seek to adapt. This class examines digital media companies' strategies, prospects, and business plans, including how they obtain financing as well as the companies and business models influencing our world today. Executives from innovative companies (and divisions) join in addressing these, sharing their vision of future markets for areas like: digital news, movies and entertainment, mobile and social media, web sales, and new uses for older media.